Puppies one week, July 18, 2011.

Puppies begin to crawl around in the whelping box and will be a week today.

10 puppies were born today, July 11.

The puppies 2011 07 12.

Puppies are expected in July

Now you can see that she's expecting puppies...

Now you can see that there will be puppies soon.

Now Vilda has about 12 days until the birth. One can see that she is expecting puppies.

6-7 puppies according to ultrasound

Today, 7 of June 2011 Vilda was at the vet and underwent an ultrasound. She carries 6-7 puppies. Now we are waiting with bated breath. Keep in mind that in about a month, we have the house full of puppies. Should be really fun, we think. Now we fuss about our "little" expectant mother. She feels good, sleeps extra, but is also

alert and has a good appetite.

Here a picture of Vilda as a little puppy.

Wasen´t she cute and soon she is a mother, it was not

long ago she was a puppy.

Sicher, sie war hübsch und bald ist sie die Mutter, es dauerte nicht lange her, dass sie ein Welpe war.

Wenn Sie an einem Welpen in diesem Wurf interessiert sind, bitte mailen oder anrufen.

[email protected] oder [email protected], Telefon 04644-325227.

If you are interested in a puppy in this litter, please mail or call. [email protected] or [email protected], telephone 04644-325227