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Update coming.

Oden SE UCH in Backamo.


Freja got her first CAC and CACIB in Ronneby.

Last Sunday the first Sunday of Advent were our little puppies, Oden and Freja on their first show. Both got first-and awarded prizes. Oden was BOS-puppy and in sibling litter, which includes sister Rind stood up, got the first prize and special prize.

Freja and Oden with their bows and prices from Puppy exhibition in Malmö.


Left in the kennel the mother Landgold Sound of Landola (Vilda) and two puppies. Landvilds Freja and Landvilds Oden.

Vilda (Landgold Sound of Landola) with her two puppies, familymembers Landvilds Oden and Landvilds Freja.

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Puppies for sale!!!
Nanna (bitch)

Saga (bitch)

Loke (male) Tired and sleepy at the time of shooting, did not want to sit or stand.
Idun (bitch)
Frigg (bitch) 
In three weeks they can move.Now they are 5 weeks.
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August 1, 2011.
New pictures of the little puppies.                         
More below the tab Bilder/Pictures.                           
                                                                                         Three weeks.
July 18, 2011.
The Puppies  1 Week.
July 11, 2011
The puppies have arrived, 10, 5 of them bitches and
5 males. All are well and Vilda looks as she likes being a mom.
Reports and photos to follow.
Puppies are expected in July
Now you can see that she's expecting puppies...
30th of june 2011
Now you can see that there will be puppies soon.
Now Vilda has about 12 days until the birth.
One can see that she is expecting puppies.
6-7 puppies according to ultrasound
7th of June 2011 Vilda was at the vet and underwent an ultrasound. She carries 6-7 puppies. Now we are waiting with bated breath. Keep in mind that in about a month, we have the house full of puppies. Should be really fun, we think. Now we fuss about our "little" expectant mother. She feels good, sleeps extra, but is also
alert and has a good appetite.
Here a picture of Vilda as a little puppy.     
Wasen´t she cute and soon she is a mother, it was not
long ago she was a puppy.
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